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2018 STANSW Council Nominations


Nominations are hereby invited for the election of four STANSW councillors for a 2 year term from January 1st 2018 – December 31st 2019.

The Constitution requires the 4 longest serving councillors to stand-down for re-election. Each of these serving councillors is eligible to re-nominate. Individual members are also eligible to nominate for a position on council. Vacating councillors are: Aaron Cook (Councillor), Deborah de Ridder (Councillor), Olivia Belshaw (Councillor) and Julie Rogers (Treasurer).

Advance notice was placed in the STANSW Members Journal, Science Education News (SEN) #2 2017 (June Edition)


Nomination forms have been sent to all members via email ahead of the 16th October deadline.

The timeline for elections is:
11th August 2017  :  Nominations Open
16th October 2017  :  Nominations Close
15th November 2017 :   Electronic voting issued if more than four nominations received


2017 STANSW Council

Elections were held for the 2017 STANSW Council 2 year term from January 1st 2017 – December 31st 2019.

The Constitution requires the longest serving councillors to stand-down. Each of these serving councillors is eligible to re-nominate. Individual members are also eligible to nominate for a position on council. 

Role description of councillors can be found in the STANSW Constitution via the following link here




The Science Teachers Association Inc (STANSW) is an Incorporated Association which represents Science Educators from all levels of education across all Government, Independent and Catholic School sectors throughout the state of NSW. STANSW is part of an Association of Science Teaching Associations throughout Australia (ASTA).

The vision of STANSW outlined on the Strategic Plan 2016-2018 is to be a dynamic and professional community of Science Educators.

STANSW’s purpose is to achieve excellence in science learning and teaching, support professional standards and provide effective leadership for the profession of science educators.

STANSW is governed by a Council and Constitution and under the STANSW constitution the Council consists of 9 members.

What’s in it for you as a STANSW Council member?

•    The opportunity to have a serious professional voice on matters involving science education and teacher professional development for the future directions of STANSW and all members of STANSW;

•    The opportunity to represent STANSW and the membership at events and activities which can include government, university and National Science Education bodies and industry;

•    The opportunity to be part of a cooperative team in decision making processes where you are representing the best interests of members;

•    You will gain skills in professional governance which you can apply in many areas of professional life both now and in the future;

•    Active participation in your professional association will enable you to gain evidence for various levels of accreditation through NESA but will fulfill the requirement for all 7.4 standards.

STANSW Council is the governing body of STANSW


It is responsible for:

  1. Overseeing the legal and financial obligations of Association
  2. Providing leadership to the Association
  3. Providing consultation to affiliated and interested bodies about Science education in NSW


Councillors are elected for a two year period. Four (4) Councillors will be elected each calendar year.

At the first Council meeting each year Council will elect an executive consisting of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer

A ninth councillor may be appointed by Council


Council meets at least 5 Saturdays a year, with other ongoing responsibilities.


The current STANSW Executive Council is:

President: Margaret Shepherd - Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Southern Region

Vice President: Vatche Ansuourian - DoENSW

Treasurer: Julie Rogers - Lucas Heights Community School


Councillors 2017:

Aaron Cook - Kirrawee High School

Olivia Belshaw - Jindabyne Central School

Deborah de Ridder - Association of Independant Sschools NSW

Erin Munn - Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill

Cherine Spirou - Fairvale High School, Fairfield

Maree Woods - Aquinas Catholic College, Menai

Any correspondence for our volunteer Councillors can be directed to the STANSW Office

STANSW Committees

The STANSW Council is aiming for a balanced membership that embraces diversity and includes a range of skills. To this end, the board would particularly encourage applications from:

-  Regional representatives
-  Those teaching in Primary Schools
-  Early career teachers with less than 5 years’ experience and students currently enrolled in Science Education courses
-  Male applicants are particularly encouraged to apply

Note : applications for STANSW project committees are welcome from all individual members of STANSW 

The time commitment will include 6 meetings per year, held at ACU Strathfield Campus and via Skype. The duration of meetings depends on business to be discussed.

Please submit your expression of interest by stating your areas of interest and expertise and how you believe you can contribute to the Association - via the following online form

Contact person if you wish to discuss the role: Margaret Shepherd, President (2017-2019) STANSW


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