BEEIS Conference 2019


Friday 29 & Saturday 30 March 2019 Macquarie University 


The Biology, Earth and Environmental Science and Investigating Science (BEEIS) Teachers Conference will again be held at Macquarie University.  In 2019 we have expanded the event to a two-day program with a focus on the new Year 12 courses to provide tips and insight into developing engaging teaching programs and classroom activities. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas and network with other teachers.  Separate workshop streams will be held in Biology, EES, Inv Science, Science Extension and 7-10 Science.  On Saturday (30 March) there will be a separate program stream for Primary teachers addressing the new Science & Technology Syllabus.




Registration Fees (2019) (1 Day / 2 Day)

Member Individual (Secondary) $220.00 / 280.00

Member School (SFA Staff) $270.00 / 350.00

Non-Member Secondary Teacher $380.00 / 470.00

Student - STANSW Member $80.00 / 110.00

Primary Teacher Member $130.00

Primary Teacher Non-Member $200.00



*Please note programs are still being confirmed 


FRIDAY DAY 1 29th March 2019 

Registration and Official Open 8am



1A Investigating Science:

1B Biology: How to do a slowmation - Ashley Hanning, Clancy Catholic

1C Science EXT: Using software to analyse data – Doug Bail, Cider House Tech

1D Earth & Env: Depth Studies in EES, balancing student choice and teacher workload - Susan Filan, Abottsleigh


Morning tea 10:40-11:10am 


11.15 - 12.05 Keynote Speakers 

 KEYNOTE 1 (BIO): Genetics Module 5 - Dr Carolyn Hogg, USYD

 KEYNOTE 2 (EES): Heather Handley, MU

 KEYNOTE 3 (INS): Dr Catriona Bonfiglioli, UTS


Break with Exhibitors 12:05-12:30pm 


WORKSHOP BLOCK 2 12:35 – 1:35

2A Investigating Science: Depth Studies - Despina Hatzimanolis

2B Science EXT: Science Extension, why it matters - Bill Matchett, Macquarie Fields High School

2C Earth & Env: Tectonics of other Worlds - Chris Huxley, Blue Mountains Grammar

2D Biology: Genetic Technologies, DNA & Disease (Resources and Depth Study) - Lauren McKnight, Garvan Institute


WORKSHOP BLOCK 3 1:40 – 2:40

3A Biology: Depth Study - Margaret Shepherd, SCS Southern Region

3B Investigating Science:

3C Science EXT:

3D Biology: DNA sequencing and the new Biology syllabus - Stuart Gilchrist, Ascham School


Afternoon Tea 2:40-3:30pm 

3:35 - 4:35 Professional learning community – sharing, resources, activities etc 4pm canapes and networking


5.30pm Evening Keynote



Registration and Open 8am


WORKSHOP BLOCK 1 9:35 – 10:35

1A Biology: Microscopy - Matt Dodds

1B Working Scientifically: Assessing Working Scientifically in Biology - Jim Sturgiss

1C Earth & Env: Stones & Bones David Harrington

1D Biology: Animation in Biology - Michael Kasumovic, Arludo

1E Science EXT: Module 3 - Margaret Shepherd, SCS & Deb de Ridder, AISNSW

1F Primary Stream: Wonders of Nature Solar Ovens – Wendy Wales


Morning Tea with Exhibitors 10:40-11:10am 


11:15 – 12:15 Keynote Speakers

KEYNOTE 1 (BIO): Roger Kitching - DNA bar coding, diversity

KEYNOTE 2 (EES): Mark Taylor, MU - lead in soil

KEYNOTE 3 (INS): Wendy Neilson, UOW - Education Specialist

Primary Stream: Sally Biskupic


WORKSHOP BLOCK 2 12:25 – 1:25

2A Investigating Science: Several technologies that can use solar energy to cook food - Wendy Wales, WONSO Solar Cooking

2B Biology: The Logical Interface, Phil Jones

2C Earth & Env: Stage 4 Earth and Space outcome ES1; Bringing rocks to life - Susan Filan Abottsleigh

2D STANSW Young Scientist

2F Primary Stream: Destination Moon: Ideas for teaching the 2019 National Science week - Ben Newsome, Fizzics Education


Lunch with Exhibitors 1:30-2:15pm


WORKSHOP BLOCK 3 2:20 – 3:20

3A Biology: Jeannette Tran, STEMReactor

3B Investigating Science: Water Depth Studies - Sydney Water, Louise Roberts

3C STANSW Young Scientist :

3D Science EXT: Basic Stats for Science Teachers using Excel - Jim Sturgiss

3E Biology: DNA sequences and disease, Garvan Institute

3F Primary Stream: CREST Awards


3:30 Conference close  

4pm Social Event 




Friday Keynote Speakers : 



  Dr Carolyn Hogg 

Carolyn is a conservation biologist who has been working with threatened species for over twenty years both in Australia and overseas and is currently the Research Manager for the Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group at the University of Sydney. Carolyn has been working closely with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program for over eight years and with other

threatened species more recently.








Associate Professor Heather Handley 

Heather Handley is an Associate Professor of Volcanology and Geochemistry and leads the Volcanic and Magmatic Research Group in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Macquarie University. Her research unravels the secrets held in the chemistry of volcanic rocks to

answer questions such as what triggers volcanic eruptions? and how fast does magma travel from

its source to the Earth’s surface? 







Dr Catriona Bonfiglioli

Catriona is a UTS journalism studies academic with a special interest in the role of media in health and science. Catriona is the designer of Communicating Health and Science 54090 an innovative communication unit within the UTS Bachelor of Communication.Catriona is lead

chief investigator of ARC Discovery Project 1096251: Bonfiglioli, Chapman, & Smith. ‘Changing

the media diet - Investigating the power of the news media to prevent obesity’. Her research

has been presented in international journals, book chapters and at international conferences.








Saturday Keynote Speakers : 



Dr Roger Kitching 

Roger Kitching AM is Emeritus Professor of Ecology at Griffith University in Brisbane and a senior researcher within the Environmental Futures Research Institute of that University. A graduate of Imperial College with a doctorate from Oxford University, his research interests include the Lepidoptera in all their aspects, food webs particularly in naturally occurring mesocosms, and the arthropod biodiversity of rainforests with particular focus on the canopy.




Enquire at  

Ph: 02 9763 2751 

T: @stansw  


Final program and online registration expressions of interests are now open. Contact STANSW for information regarding registration , exhibiting and sponsorship!






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