Presenter Biography

Jim Sturgiss is currently Senior Assessment Advisor: Science, He is a designer of the ESSAonline assessments. He designed the ESSAonline10 Online marker training package. Jim has been Head Teacher: Science at Concord High and at Newtown High School of Performing Arts.  Jim’s has a great interest in literacy which began when teaching in south-western Sydney where 95% of the school’s students had a non-English speaking background. He has worked as Senior Assessment Officer: Literacy, where he collaborated in the design of ELLA and introduced its mapping to the ESL scales.  Jim has designed and taught computing courses since 1982. He has also worked as a Senior Assessment Officer: CSA6 where he designed the Year 6 Computing skills test.  Jim has marked HSC Chemistry and held various positions including Senior Marker and Judge.  Jim has been a councillor on the STANSW board since 2010.

Selected Publications

2010, What do children’s stories and HSC Physics have in common? Science Education News Volume 59, Number 3
2004, Designing effective multiple-choice [science] questions - the experience of NSW statewide testing: CONASTA Conference paper
2003, Designing numeracy extended response items: MANSW Conference paper
1997, Teaching Literacy in Year 7 Science: (with others) NSW Department of School Education Curriculum Directorate
1996, Evaluation of a literacy and learning program in the science classroom: UNE, Thesis
1995, Literacy in Science Education: Australian Science Teachers’ Journal Volume 41 Number 3
1994, Literacy in the Science Classroom: ASERA Conference paper
1994, Report on the Effectiveness of a Literacy & Learning Program in a Science Classroom: AARE Conference paper
1992, Met West literacy & learning program Science KLA Book (with Peter Knapp): Met West literacy & learning program

Courses - Proficient

Towards a critical literacy in Science (STANSW)
Writing Contextualised Objective Assessments (STANSW)
Designing and creating effective teaching strategies (STANSW)
Senior Secondary Science marking experience (STANSW)
ESSAonline Corporate Marking module (DEC)
ESSAonline10 In-school Marking module (DEC)

Courses - Highly Accomplished
Critical Literacy in Science (STANSW-UNSW)

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